CD de Everything Is Possible 2007 ya a la venta.

CD Cover 

Ya esta disponible el CD del festival a beneficio de los enfermos de Hepatitis C que se celebró en Dallas en 2007 y en el que tuve el honor de participar con The Homeless Bones

 Por solo 10 US $ podéis ayudar a muchísima gente. El CD no se vende solo se regala a quellos que donen al menos 10$ a la asociación.

 Until further notice Debbullan will reward any donation received at the very small minimum of $10.00 or more with this 17 track CD. We'll even pay shipping!

Further, the first 20 people to submit a photo supporting the Sign 4 C campaign will receive the CD as a "Thank You For Participation." To view current participants visit:  SIGN 4 C  (

To help Debbullan Inc. continue to work toward raising positive awareness of Hep C use the appropriate PayPal Links below or mail checks or money orders to the address provided below. Otherwise we will be looking forward to your SIGN 4 C submissions!

Remember you need not have a PayPal account to donate! See the lower left side of the PayPal webpage for this option: "Don't have a PayPal account?" There after always look for and choose: "Continue without logging in"

Donations in US DOLLARS use the link immediately below:

Donations in EURO DOLLARS use the link immediately below:

Thank you for your continued support!

Venga tíos enrrollaros!! que nosotros nos fuimos desde Madrid para ehcarles un cable.

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