You’re the owner of your life

Canción compuesta para la película documental “RESET” dirigida por Francisco Javier Joselín.
Música y letra: Eme Navarro
Guitarra: Eme Navarro
Voz: Tom Macintosh
Grabado por Ernesto Lapeña
Mezclado por Rafael Redondo Tejedor “Vali”
Producida por Eme Navarro, Rafael Redondo Tejedor y Chema Tornero.
Her fate was sealed since she was born
and she knows what is her place
But her eyes has a different look
and her soul became a rebel
She’s the owner of her life

We left decisions in other hands
bloody hands hiding their blame
we did live in a false dream
while they forging our chains
we’re not the owners of our lives

We can break our chains
if we put aside the fear
we can even change our destiny

They have changed the meaning of the words
disguising their true intentions
Can a wolf be the guard on a flock?
it’s time to face the domination
for be the owners of our life

But people have new linking ways
and we can see the winds of change
take the fear away from us
and we just to walk together
for the keepsake of our lives

‘Cause it’s never too late
to live as we wish to live
no one is too old to get their dreams

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